Sandstone, Limestone, Brick Rubble, Ballasts, Lineside Ash, Coal

1 Scree Sandstone & Limestone

A coarse grade ground cork. Coloured to resemble natural stone as found along pathways, rock faces etc. Very useful for the larger scale model railway ballasts and wagon loads. Available in Brown or Grey. Resealable bag. £4.00



Sandstone £4.00


Limestone £4.00

2 Brick Rubble 

Lightweight cork based material from 3mm grains to dust. Very realistic colours. Resealable bag£4.00 



Brick Rubble £4.00

3 Pale Grey Ballast

A natural coloured pale grey railway ballast as use extensively on the railways of the UK. Suitable for OO/HO and smaller scale railway modellers. Re sealable bag (approximate weight 250g) £3.00



Pale Grey Ballast £3.00

4 Weathered Ballast

No need to paint. This product realistically represents dirty, oily ballast and is most suitable for 1/35/7mm modellers. This product is also very useful as a groundwork texture material, suitable for all scales. It works perfectly with Earth Powder. Re sealable bag (approximate weight 250g) £3.00

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Weathered Ballast        £3.00

5 Lineside Ash

Lineside Ash is closely represents piles of ash as seen along tracks around the engine shed. It is advisable to shape the “pile” first using clay, polystyrene etc and apply a thin layer of Lineside Ash to it. It is also good for general weathering of engine shed and trackside areas. Resealable bag. £3.50



Lineside Ash. £3.50

6 Coal

A lightweight cork based material perfect for Tenders, Wagon loads, Coaling Stages, trackside features and Coaling Plants. Re-sealable bag. £3.00



Coal £3.00    

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