Scenic Kit Instructions

TREEMENDUS Scenic Kit Instructions..

How to get the best from your TREEMENDUS scenic kit

RAW GRASS - There are many ways to use the raw grass product in this kit, it depends on the effect you are aiming for.  Raw Grass can be simply used as tufts of long grass. To create great looking tufts, colour the fabric using either diluted water based paints or thinned oil based paints. We recommend diluting Sap Green acrylic paint to the ratio of 4 water / 1 paint. The best way to do this is to brush the fabric so the fibres are standing upright, then add a few drops of the diluted paint onto the fabric sheet. By hand rub the paint into the fibres making sure to get it right to the fabric backing, use a comb to disperse the paint through the fibres. The fabric can also be lightly sprayed with an aerosol or airbrush to give added colour and effects. Leave the paint to dry before handling it. When dry, comb the fibres so they are upright once again and trim tufts from the sheet to the required length. Dip these into neat PVA glue and sit them in position on your diorama/layout. Once the glue has dried they will be fixed in position. Another option is to trim the fibres with sharp scissors leaving the required length of grass on the backing sheet. The sheet is then coloured as above and stuck directly onto the area being covered using the Scenefix glue or neat PVA. Be sure to hide the edges of the backing so it looks like it is growing naturally. This can be achieved by trimming some of the fabric into very short fibres and working them along the edge of the backing. To help them stick, apply a little Scenefix glue to the edge of the visible backing sheet and using a wooden skewer or something similar work the chopped fibres into the glue and blend the grass into the surrounding groundwork.  Look at natural grass to see how it grows in clumps and tufts and make a note of the colour variations, even in the same field.

EARTH POWDER - Our Earth Powder is a very versatile groundwork material. Take the Scenefix glue and paint it over the area to be covered (you may want to paint this a suitable earth colour first). Sprinkle the Earth powder over the glue, the powder will start to soak it up. You can add small ridges, mounds etc of the powder to give some natural looking surface features. We suggest spraying this with hairspray which melds with the glue and sets into a very durable and realistic looking surface. Earth powder can be used for lots of applications, paths, lanes, river banks, battlefields, around tree trunks or gateways and to create bare patches in fields etc. Earth Powder can also be mixed with Scenefix glue and added directly onto vehicles to create realistic mud and weathering effects.

CANOPY – An easy to use product for creating shrubs, bushes, brambles, hedges etc. Simply take the plait and using the thumb and forefinger pull some of the fibres off. Tease these out to give an open structure; this will depend on how dense you want your finished foliage. The canopy structure can sprayed with a suitable coloured aerosol paint to give it more rigidity if necessary but this is not essential. Next spray the structure with a generous amount of hairspray and sprinkle over one of the three scatters (or a blend of scatters) contained in the kit. Stick in position using Scenefix glue.


SCATTER - The scatters in this kit are used for the leaves on your bushes etc and also for ground cover. They can be used straight out of the bag or can be blended to give complimentary shades. They are also very useful as a groundwork scatter used in conjunction with Raw Grass and Earth Powder to give realistic ground texture and colour. Paint Scenefix glue over the area to be covered then sprinkle on the scatter to the desired density.

SCENEFIX GLUE - When your scenic work is complete put the atomiser onto the bottle and lightly spray the whole area. The atomiser will not produce a very fine spray but will ensure permanent adhesion and strengthen your work. Once the glue has dried the bushes etc can be teased out and refined by trimming any wayward fibres. Spraying hairspray onto the groundwork will help it stick too. Wash the atomiser by spraying clean water through it every time you use it!


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